Graphic Design & More ⚠️ Two Years of Updates Needed ... BRB ⚠️

Various Projects

Ways We Can Do a Little Better for Earth ✷ 1 to 2
10 page zine design with tips and resources in relationship to sustainability. All found content and imagery. 100% of proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation.

Our Lunch Break Podcast ✷ 3
Podcast cover design for Dallas based Pastor duo, Ben and Paul.

Super Spud ✷ 4
Visual explorations on potatoes.

What to do in SoCal this Summer ✷ 5 to 6
Dissected zine design highlighting various events and businesses to enjoy during the Summer months. 

The DPRK vs. The People ✷ 7
6 minute video analysis on the relationship between the DPRK and the citizens of North Korea. Created for Otis College’s Communication Arts final exhibition. View full video here

Unite ✷ 8
Video exploration based on a condensed version of Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator speech. View full video here