Acceptance Packet ✷ 1 to 2
Acceptance packet design for the upcoming class of 2020, including a hard cover shell, vellum paper print, reflective sticker sheet, with a reflective vacuum seal wrap.

Public Programs ✷ 3 to 4
Fold out poster and postcard design in collaboration with Tina Miyakawa.

Obsessions in Focus ✷ 5 to 7
100+ page book design for SCI-Arc’s Obsessions in Focus exhibition by Peter Noever. In collaboration with Tina Miyakawa and Marija Radisavljevic.

The Arc ✷ 8
Podcast cover design, showcasing different designs for each episode. 

Instagram Story Stickers ✷ 9
Playful animated gifs for students and users to use on Instagram Stories.